As a master of disguise his appearance can vary but typically a small asian man in a long coat.


The usual face he wears is a small asian man with long hair pulled back into a ponytail. Casual clothes are worn under a personalize synergist coat. unless bar hopping in wich he goes in the latest styles blending seamlessly with the masses. Never carries a gun instead relying on unarmed combat or the fully legal tazer. Easier to get out of trouble with the cops if you are not packing.
More may be added later as a new face is taken as the “usual”

As he is a man of many faces his net personal is equally faceless. A blank mercury humanoid form with a mouth as the only facial feature wearing nothing but a long coat


Originally from a well off family, the crash took all that they had. Forced into odd jobs as a courier to survive his talents for sneaking and blending in made him a good candidate as a shadowrunner. Fathers training in the family tradition of martial arts mixed with mothers practical concern about weapons lead to the basis of his combat training.

Officer Johnathan Baird, detective. Bird’s uncle and the main reason for coming to Detroit from the native Seattle shadows

Rico,fixer. Originally thought to be a man running a courier service but in truth a full fledged fixer with far more jobs and gear than ever imagined

Bobby, teacher. Bobby runs a combat training school that has become a second home. very close friends and a man that could provide muscle as well as teaching some new moves.


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