Episode 2: Moving Expenses

Kitsune receives a message from her friend and everyone’s benefactor of late, Ms. Jane Tessier III.

“Hoi, Kit. Your friends are, like, really good at getting people out of cages they don’t want to be in, right? So … what they did got noticed, tho nobody seems to have twigged to who they are yet.

Anyway the club has a friend, an older friend, ya ‘no? Like, with a job and everything; she’s an AR designer. But she’s got a line on a really wiz job on the coast. Way cooler than doing AR interfaces for, like tanks and stuff, but ya know, Ares has kind of a non-compete clause, so she may need a little more than Two Trolls and a Truck, right? And she heard I know some people, so she gave me a line.

The Johnson she hired will meet your crew at Club Ada tonight if they’re interested. 10pm. Ask for the man with the lisp, she said."

Our intrepid Troubleshooters headed to Club Ada. Most turned off their commlinks immediately, as Ada is a hackers’ bar, and none of them wanted to own a million shares of Fireflies Incorporated or have any other little mishaps.

They met their contact, a Johnson whose suit was so mundane as to be a style onto its own, and listened tot he job. A Ms. Ruby needed transport out of her current job with Ares, to Denver, with her companion. The companion? A dog. In fact, a particularly useless Shi-Tzu named Mr. Biggles, and no, they weren’t to tamper with the dog.

The party quickly composed a plan to get in to see Ms. Ruby. A bit of flim-flam and fast talking convinced the guards that they were expected. The party’s AI, Kitsune, traveled in a commlink, and once inside managed to arrange a false travel itinerary for a technical conference in New York. No problem!

The party departs as honored guests; Ms. Ruby leaves on the appointed travel schedule; and they meet up as hoped in a park-and-ride commuter’s lot. Alas! Someone tipped the hat, or spilled the beans, or maybe just a bit of bad luck. The Devil’s Night gang is on their tail again!

However, with some fancy driving, a bit of magik, some gunplay, and the ruthless smashing of a motorcycle ganger by the team van, Ms. Ruby, Mr. Biggles, and the party managed to lose the gangers and escape from Detroit. Now only the open road could stop them.



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