The year is 2072, following Crash 2.0. However, unlike the world you
think you’ve remembered, most major governments have passed laws
outlawing or strongly restricting artificial intelligences (AI) as a
result of the chaos caused by the rogue AI “Deus.”

Generally, the sixth world seems to be entering a period of relative
calm. Although, as new denizens of the shadows, small jobs and bit
work are available to you, conflict between the megacorps is
definitely on the decline, and with it available work for the big
names and legendary figures in the ‘running world.

You’ve come to find yourself ready to break into the big time in
Detroit, home of the mighty Ares Macrotechnology. Detroit is
better-off than its worst days, but among its shining centers of
military-industrial might still lurk large and dangerous pockets of
blight, sprawl, and outfight decay.

The UCAS is currently on an economic growth cycle. Things are looking
up, the Lions almost broke even last year, and traffic congestion is
down after a Ares-sponsored project now causes lights to turn based on
your expected route! Life is good. That can’t last…


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